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TFC Global

Give to this cause October 15-17!

Give via text:

Send “Give” to (717) 807-7975
For this organization, specify [Dollar Amount] to TFC.

Cause Profile:

Since 1951, TFC Global has been a ministry that provides chaplaincy services to the trucking industry. We exist to evangelize, educate, and equip members of the trucking community and their families to help them grow in their faith. We are members of the ECFA and have achieved Guidestar Candid’s Platinum Seal for transparency.


Examples of how your gift will be used:

  • $50 pays for the shipping of 100 Bibles to ministry regions around the United States.
  • $150 pays for shipping 20 pounds of ministry resources to our International Ministries partners in Malawi and Tanzania.
  • $400 pays for 1 person to be trained as a chaplain to the trucking community