SWAN: Scaling Walls a Note at a Time

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Cause Profile:

Your gift will give joy and hope to children in crisis.

The joy of music-making empowers children to rise above their present and difficult circumstances while creating pathways to success. SWAN is a support group for children affected by parental incarceration and provides free music lessons, performance opportunities, spiritual development, and mentoring.

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SWAN’s Mission:

To be dedicated advocates for children affected by parental incarceration and the resulting trauma by providing life-changing intervention through music and mentoring.


Lancaster and Red Lion School Districts and Lancaster’s Youth Intervention Center

Core Classes are offered in drumming, singing, guitar, strings, piano, ukulele, and guitar. Bible Devotions and Prayer are provided within classes; in some settings, students receive a Bible Class.


Because music benefits children neurologically, physically, emotionally, behaviorally, scholastically, and socially. In fact, in many ways that trauma harms a child, music can help.

Visit: SWAN4kids.org