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Presbyterians Protecting Life

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Cause Profile:

For 40+ years, PPL has been equipping Presbyterians to champion human life in the church. God clearly demonstrates the value of human beings in the Gospel. Jesus, God’s Son, took on human form to bring us into relationship with God. This good news is why we pursue our mission. We want all Presbyterians to be equipped champions of human life at every stage.

Founded by a group of pastors in the 70s concerned with the drift in the PCUS toward cultural acceptance of abortion, PPL incorporated in 1984 as Presbyterians Pro-Life focused on a faithful biblical pro-life witness in the Presbyterian Church (USA), bringing teams of volunteers to every General Assembly for over 40 years.

In 2018, believing that even pro-life Presbyterian and Reformed denominations needed to be equipped to champion human life at every stage, a new mission statement was written and the ministry expanded under a new name: Presbyterians Protecting Life. Currently, PPL shares its resources globally on its website, through free printed materials provided at denominational assemblies, through exhibits, seminars, forums, and Zoom conversations, and via a monthly Email newsletter, frequent social media posts, and a weekly prayer calendar.

PPL is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of men and women across the United States from a variety of professions who are passionate about protecting life from fertilization until natural death and who are members of various Presbyterian and Reformed denominations. PPL is a member of The National Pro-Life Religious Council (NPRC).