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House of His Creation

Give to this cause October 15-17!

Give via text:

Send “Give” to (717) 807-7975
For this organization, specify [Dollar Amount] to HOHC.

Cause Profile:

Every young woman and child, born or pre-born, is a precious life created in the image of God. These precious ones are put in situations where they don’t know what to do and have nowhere to turn. House of His Creation as a life-affirming ministry provides women a place to heal, to grow, and to learn through housing and ongoing support. House of His Creation is currently serving women during and after pregnancy at our Lititz Maternity Home and providing ongoing support to women who have lived in the home or have been engaged in community outreach.

Our current needs are:

Bedroom Updates: $300 a room x 5 rooms ($1,500)
Heater Upgrade: $26,000
Kitchen Makeover: $15,000

House of His Creation is celebrating its 50th year serving in the community! Consider a gift of $50 as a minimum towards the needs of serving women and their children in a family living program.

Overall goal: $50,000