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Handi*Vangelism Ministries International (HVMI)

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Handi*Vangelism Ministries International (HVMI) exists to share the compassion of Christ by walking alongside individuals facing life’s challenges and equipping others to do the same. H*VMI provides support, programs, resources and training so the people we serve may be included as growing and serving members of the Body of Christ.

A Ministry of Compassion since 1973.


*Discipleship – clubs and studies for people with disabilities of all ages living in rehab centers, residential facilities, nursing homes or the community
* Handi*Camp – for children, youth and adults with physical and/or intellectual disabilities
* PIP – for parents of children with disabilities
* Bible teaching resources and curriculum – for teaching individuals with intellectual disabilities

* BASIS – for bereaved parents and their families
* Support for people grieving over many types of losses such as the loss of a spouse, parents, siblings and other significant people; divorce; employment; health
* Resources for those who are grieving OR for those who seek to minister to others who are grieving.

* for Individuals, the Church and the Community, locally and around the world, in areas such as disability; grief; mental health; abuse; divorce

* CCCA (Christian Camp and Conference Association)